Our Advantage

American Hospital Services Group, LLC (AHSG) is led by an excellent executive team with many years of experience dedicated to the placement of highly qualified candidates. Below is our executive team:

Jeffrey W. Rohrbaugh - President
Mr. Rohrbaugh has over 20 years experience as a healthcare executive. He currently serves as AHSG’s President and oversees the Company’s strategic direction and day-to-day management. Prior to becoming President at AHSG, Mr. Rohrbaugh served as AHSG’s Director of Credentialing and also as AHSG’s Director of Operations. Mr. Rohrbaugh earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Policy and Administration from Pennsylvania State University.

Joseph F. Nowoslawski M.D. - Medical Director
Dr. Nowoslawski has over 30 years experience as a medical doctor and healthcare executive. He currently serves as AHSG’s Medical Director reviewing aspects of healthcare delivery systems under healthcare reform initiatives.  Prior to founding AHSG, Dr. Nowoslawski completed one of the nation’s first accredited residencies in Emergency Medicine, and practiced clinically for a number of years in the SE Pennsylvania region, including maintaining the Directorship of Emergency Department of Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital, in Darby, PA and other institutions. Dr. Nowoslawski is certified by the American Board of Managed Care and the American Board of Forensic Examiners. Dr. Nowoslawski earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Wayne State University and a Medical Degree from Michigan State University. He also performed his internship and residency at the Medical College of Pennsylvania.

Industry insiders know staffing is about more than filling open positions. Due to our seasoned and intimate working relationship with the Department of Defense, we are accustomed to conforming to the utmost standards in the selection and placement of highly qualified candidates. Because of this valuable experience, our commercial staffing sector has a distinct advantage in the marketplace. While many staffing companies are interested only in short-term profit—often at the expense of quality—AHSG is most concerned with placing the best candidates and following through with those individuals to ensure their long-term expectations are met. AHSG is at the service of its employees every step of the journey.

The five pillars of the AHSG Advantage:

• COMMITMENT – We fulfill our promises. Our commitment to this simple philosophy is reflected in our superb reputation and our strong bonds with healthcare specialists.

• SELECTIVENESS – Our people are our most important resource, in addition to being the key to our success. We attract the best people and furnish them with generous wages, great benefits, and satisfying and rewarding employment. 

• ETHICS – Honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and personal service set us apart from the rest. Daily adherence to these ethics allows us to surpass industry standards for client care and support. 

• EXPERIENCE – AHSG’s extensive, long standing experience in Department of Defense staffing has allowed us to foster relationships with trained professionals who have worked for, or with, the United States Armed Services. These valuable relationships comprise a large pool of additional applicants for employment opportunities.

• ATTENTION – Our consistent one-on-one attention makes AHSG unique in the world of healthcare staffing. Employees are matched with a recruiter who strives to adapt a candidate’s personal goals, interests, strengths, and professional aspirations with the right job, in the right facility.