American Hospital Services Group, LLC (AHSG) works with the U.S. government to fill civilian healthcare recruiting needs. AHSG has served as a preeminent Department of Defense contractor, staffing military facilities with top healthcare professionals. We are proud to serve those who serve our country.

Government contracting is about developing a rapport with the various agencies that contract out their healthcare staffing needs. Our team of business development professionals work with government agencies to define, price, and source contracted positions.

AHSG understands the importance and impact of quality care to patients and their families. It is our expressed goal to support the mission of the medical activities at government locations with high-quality service.

Benefits for government agencies include:
• A knowledgeable recruiting staff dedicated to finding experienced and passionate candidates.
• A credentialing team that efficiently moves healthcare staff through the substantial credentialing process.
• A program management group that handles all contract implementation and program sustainability.
• A back office that manages payroll and ensures federal contracting billing compliance.

Benefits for our civilian healthcare employees include:
• Federal exemption from reapplying for new state licensure when moving from state to state.
• Medical malpractice coverage by facility.
• Access to state-of-the-art government healthcare facilities.
• Competitive wages with a strong work-life balance.
• The security of government employment combined with the professional growth associated with commercial opportunities and a rewarding work environment.

American Hospital Services Group, LLC (AHSG) Strengths:
• Current and recent medical and healthcare staffing experience.
• Past healthcare staffing experience for most Government agencies: Army, Aire Force, Navy, VA
• ISO 9001:2008 Certification
• 10 Person, fully in-house recruiting team
• Financially strong contractor with access to $200M unsecured revolved line of credit